Yanuel Garcia

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Yanuel Garcia’s career as a stylist began at Ralph Lauren in 2004. During his time at the label, he has traveled extensively throughout the United States as well as Europe and South America, styling at boutiques around the world. He has acquired extensive experience styling both men’s and women’s fashion but has predominately focused on women’s fashion within Ralph Lauren for the last four years.

In 2009 Yanuel also began styling private clients for photo shoots and a variety of events, such as red carpet appearances and weddings. Through his decade of experience in the world of fashion in New York City he has developed an extensive network of fashion influencers, buyers, retailers, editors and shop owners.
Through these connections, Yanuel can offer unique access to limited edition items, exclusive boutiques and one-of-a-kind experiences at many fashion houses. He styles everything from daywear to couture and anything in between!

Yanuel’s aim is to offer each and every client a uniquely tailored experience that not only sets their style apart from the norm, but also offers the opportunity for a collaborative effort between stylist and client.
Yanuel believes that everyone should explore and discover their style and his role is to assist and guide that exploration. His aim is always to make a client look chic, unique and feel confident.