The Cadogan Clinic


The Cadogan Clinic is a purpose-built destination clinic specifically designed to deliver world-class private healthcare right in the heart of London. Our consultants rank among the very best in Europe, and are supported by an exceptional nursing staff and management team to ensure your comfort and safety at every step of your journey with us.

At the Cadogan Clinic we make our patients our number one priority. We strongly believe that only through an investment in the highest quality resources can we deliver to our patients the quality healthcare that they deserve.

That’s why we asked senior medical professionals, in collaboration with The Cadogan Estate and leading interior designer Nicky Haslam, to design bespoke, world class modern facilities in the heart of London to meet the highest standards of healthcare safety, innovation and comfort. We’ve since invited only a selection of the most skilled medical & surgical professionals to join us, and asked them to deliver top quality, cutting-edge medical care at our delightfully discreet boutique clinic.