Private Prep


Our mission is to provide fun and effective tutoring that inspires students to maximize their academic potential.

Private Prep is a distinctive tutoring service offering individually customized lessons for a wide range of K-12 subjects and standardized test prep. Our Academic Coaches are experienced, passionate, and highly qualified educators. In addition to a track record of improving grades and increasing test scores, we have a knack for connecting with students on a personal level and appreciate that our role transcends academics.

We are an education company that will make decisions based on our students’ best interest and not our bottom line. We use this lens not just because it is ethically appropriate, but we recognize that it’s also in the long-term best interest of our company.

With over 10 years of tutoring experience, Steve Feldman has developed a highly effective approach that combines academic expertise and an ability to connect with students. Steve’s early success led to the growth of Private Prep through client and school referrals. To supplement his personal expertise in math, Steve found tutors proficient in a wide range of subjects with a similar gift for relating to students. Today our energetic Academic Coaches specialize in standardized test prep, a full range of academic subjects, academic fundamentals, learning differences and college essay assistance.

In the fall of 2008, Scott Levenson joined the Private Prep team as Executive Director. He was brought on to manage business functions and allow Steve to focus on his passion for education and the continued improvement of our service. With a growing number of requests from families outside of New York City, we expanded into Westchester County (NY) and the Hamptons (summer only). We are excited about the opportunities to enter new geographic markets and are taking the necessary steps to ensure we retain the personal service and high standards that established Private Prep’s stellar reputation in New York City.