Fleurs Bella


Bella Meyer, founder and Creative Director of Fleurs Bella, was born in Paris and grew up immersed in art. As the granddaughter of Marc Chagall, the whole focus at home was on his work, on art, and beauty. On the academic side of life, Bella attained a Ph.D. in Medieval Art History at the Sorbonne in Paris, continuing all the while to paint and draw. After moving to New York in her twenties, she found her bliss designing and building fantastical worlds of costumes, masks, and puppets for theatre, opera, and dance.

Flowers have always been close to Bella’s heart. Their unique ability to inspire people to smile, or to bring a moment’s peace has always been a source of fascination for her. Over the years, Bella added flowers to her palette, focusing her talents on creating arrangements much in the way an artist paints. Working with each flower’s innate beauty, highlighting and juxtaposing their textures and colors, Bella strives to achieve the unique message of the client. Each and every bouquet becomes a manifestation of expression from the sender to the recipient.

Along with her enthusiastic and talented team, Bella creates every installation with the closest attention to the client’s desires for their occasion. The Fleurs Bella unending quest for original expression enables an individual and seamless integration of flowers, fruits, seeds, greenery, and props to achieve the design goal of the moment. In this way, each creation becomes a unique, evolving dialogue between designer and client.