Crucial Food

I’m Ruth Wood. I’m a Nutritionist.

Before all this I travelled the world for 7 years and I worked in the travel industry for 12. They were amazing times and I loved every minute of it. As well as seeing great places and ‘living the dream’ I learnt about food and cooking.

Before I left to go travelling, I couldn’t really boil an egg, I didn’t know that fish could taste great without being from the chippy and had never tried anything remotely exotic like a passion fruit!

Travel helped change this. So I decided that it was time for a change of direction and I studied at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, qualifying in 2000 as a nutritionist (MBant, DipION). Since then I’ve worked on a personal consultancy level, providing nutritional advice and guidance to individual clients in a number of areas, including digestive issues, stress and allergies.

This included a role as nutritionist in several rehabilitation clinics supporting patients nutritionally through various addictions and an advisory role to autistic schools around the country. I’ve also been a tutor to trainee nutritionists for 8 years and present talks and seminars.

I love nutrition. I love cooking.