Car Leasing Concierge – Partner Profile


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New York’s premier auto consultancy, Car Leasing Concierge is here to help you secure the best car deal possible. Our consultancy will not only place you directly in the driver’s seat of your new vehicle without setting foot inside a dealership, we’ll also deliver it right to your door at no extra charge.

We offer a simple and straightforward process, the end result being that you pay the lowest price for the car of your dreams – guaranteed!

Car Leasing Concierge’s key to success is our Direct Connect System. This process verifies prices previously quoted to you by any dealership, broker or online car buying network, and will expose any markups or hidden fees. By eliminating the middleman, this not only saves our clients valuable time and money, but gives them the satisfaction that we are providing them with the lowest pricing the industry can offer to anyone– bar none. That’s the insiders edge!

Over 25 years in the automotive industry has given us a solid wide range of clientele, including, but not limited to: Fortune 500 companies, corporate executives, celebrities, musicians and athletes. We can now offer this unique and great service to everyone, no matter your individual net worth, including corporate accounts.

At Car Leasing Concierge, we’re not here to SELL you a car; We’re here to help you PURCHASE one.

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