Bonas MacFarlane


Established in 2001, Bonas MacFarlane has made a name for itself as the market leader in educational consultancy. Specialising in school placements, mentoring, guardianship and tuition, it is also responsible for the globally-recognised Independent Schools Show.

School Placements

Choosing the right school for your child’s needs and sensibilities requires a thorough understanding of all that the British public school system has to offer. With an in-depth knowledge of the scholastic process and long-standing relationships with many of the leading schools, Bonas MacFarlane is well-placed to advise on the best schools for your child. We conscientiously guide you through the application and admissions process, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Mentoring and Guardianship

The mentoring and guardianship programmes are designed to ensure that your child has every chance possible to meet his or her full potential. They simultaneously provide guidance to parents on how best to support your child within the British independent school system. Visiting the pupil regularly, the mentor takes a ‘hands on’ approach to guide the pupil through subject choices and help develop effective study techniques.

Our aim is to ensure that the privileges of a private education are seized and maximised, whilst developing a mature approach to learning. In addition, we hope to press the importance of taking full advantage of all extra-curricular and non-curricular pursuits, to inspire broad interests and a sense of curiosity.


Acknowledged as London’s leading tutorial agency, Bonas MacFarlane provides top tutors to families both in London, and around the world. As well as reviewing and assessing your child’s academic and psychological progress, we provide bespoke tuition for public examinations, residential placements and university level specialist tuition. In addition, we work closely with The Dyslexic Teaching Centre to provide expert advice on dyslexia and special educational needs.

Independent School Show

Showcasing in London, Geneva and Dubai this exhibition is the largest of its kind, bringing together 200 of the leading British independent schools. It is a unique opportunity for families to compare and contrast different methodologies of education side by side, whilst gaining access to some of the most respected figures in education.