Blackstone Consultancy


Private security specialists Blackstone Consultancy provide individuals and companies with bespoke, discreet, yet exceptionally vigilant security arrangements. Whilst London-based, our clients are located throughout the UK as well as far afield as Moscow, LA, Cape Town and Doha. We operate worldwide from capital cities to some of the world’s most notorious trouble spots. Our ‘protective surveillance’ services are personal and reassuring, but we also take measures to ensure we are unobtrusive and inconspicuous. Our services have been developed following years of military and law enforcement experience, working at the highest levels of intelligence and in the private security industry including surveillance and investigations.

We employ highly trained individuals with impeccable backgrounds, solid operational experience and watertight references to enable you and your family to go about your daily lives and for your business to operate smoothly in complete confidence. Our security services are centred in three distinct areas:- Protect – personal security Investigate – investigations, surveillance and due diligence Property – secure residential and business premises For many of our clients, more than one of our fields of expertise is required. We blend them into one seamless service with a single point of contact as we perfectly match our client to a specific account manager who is best suited to fulfil your needs.