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Source: The Travellers Must-Have Companion

Source has been recognised as a must-have for any busy man or women about town! It’s the app that makes luxury living easy, allowing you to Source things you thought you never had the time to before. Find out what Chartwell Magazine had to say about Source in their April magazine edition.


Source: The Luxury Lifestyle App For The Modern Gentleman

This month Source featured in The Gentlemans Journal as providing a seemingly impossible service, and redefing the modern man’s way of life! For those who are time-poor but not at the expense of luxury, Source is the app for you.


A ‘Shower’ Of Ideas For April

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It’s Springtime!

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Featured on Spear’s: The app hoping to offer wine, holidays and wealth managers

Source is a HNW concierge app with a difference — CEO and former investment banker James Crabb tells Alex Matchett

Online concierge is nothing new, however a new app called Source may be about to make a considerable mark on the lucrative HNW market by blending lifestyle with wealth management. ‘There’s an opportunity here to be much more helpful. My objective here is to become your worldwide companion wherever you go,’ says source’s CEO, former investment banker James Crabb, when we meet for coffee in a crowded City cafe.

Crabb sets out his virtual stall, explaining his demographic as being a stressed time poor couple working 70 hour weeks in London: ‘You’ll be on that 6.30am train and you’ve got that half an hour for a grown-up conversation: “Have you got the wine for the dinner party? What are we doing at Easter, skiing or the Caribbean?”‘

That certainly seems helpful but hardly unique, however Source differ by their directness – putting you in touch with the provider, whether wine merchant or travel agent, guaranteeing that they will respond to you within two hours of your enquiry. The aim is to avoid trawling Google searches by going straight to a high-end supplier.

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Going Places

Harriet Green from City AM talks risk-taking and velour sofas with founder of The Source, James Crabb

“IT WAS just time to do something completely different,” James Crabb tells me. He’s talking about going from managing director of global technology and operations at Deutsche Bank to founding The Source, a digital lifestyle business that satisfies the emerging affluents’ every need – from food, wine, travel and childcare to art, home interiors and fitness. The Source’s app acts as portal to a range of high-end brands and providers, with suppliers including wine company Honest Grapes, jeweller Boodles and Original Traveller.

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Concierge-style apps deliver on convenience

Short of time? New lifestyle apps are connecting shoppers with industry experts to help them find the perfect gifts, says Josh Sims of the Times.

Ask digital entrepreneur James Crabb and he will tell you that shopping apps have got it all wrong. “The idea was that tech would make life simpler, but it’s made life more complex,” he says.

“Automation has been pushed too far for most people. Source is about rescuing tech and using it to connect people again.”

Source is the one-time banker’s new UK-based subscription service — a portable shopping concierge that is, as Crabb says, not dependent on algorithmic searches for certain products and services, but rather connects users to a spread of top-end independent specialist suppliers through a human being.


So Narcissistic

Narcissus Arts’ Nicholas Campbell was featured in this month’s issue of Vanity fair. The article reads:

Most of us assume that a contemporary art consultant is out of our reach, as is a personal concierge. But these two exact services have joined forces in an affordable way as consultancy Narcissus Arts partners with digital concierge app Source! to bring subscribers a monthly round-up of artists and events worth exploring. No over-priced art snobbery here – Narcissus Arts is one of a new breed of consultancies that knows it’s not just millionaires who want interesting art.